Harlequins Football Club, Twickenham Stoop Stadium

This spring, I was contacted by Harlequins Football Club to have a look at several of their lounges and suites at the Stoop Stadium. In need of a serious upgrade, I produced concepts for five of their lounges/suites.

Legends Lounge:

Overlooking the heart of the pitch, it has a great panoramic view of the action during match time. This very long, but narrow room needed to hold a capacity of 80 covers and allow for some flexibility for the arrangement of tables. This is the top executive lounge and therefore was designed to have a definite “wow”.

Bespoke joinery is a key element to the design and it is what gives this room a very special feel. With the built-in display “timeline” along the back of the elongated bar and serving area, with its glowing niches for the display of Harlequin memorabilia set into pale oak panels, this acts as the focal point for the space. The bar itself is made from a coloured glass panel, lit from behind, to give a soft, warm glow of light and flanked either side with light oak fronted serving areas.

Materials throughout are robust, but natural and sophisticated.

Presidents Lounge:

Right next door to the Legends Lounge, this has been designed as the “little brother” of Legends, but it is still just as sophisticated a design. Using the same palette of materials, but on a smaller scale, was the order of the day here. Again, bespoke joinery for the bar area acts as the focal point and for the first time, we see the diamond pattern (which repeats throughout all of the lounges and suites in some form) which is reminiscent of the Harlequin pattern. There is plenty of storage for the uses of the bar and to match the rest of the joinery, there is a bespoke cabinet for the display of Harlequins memorabilia.

Comfortable seating and a range of table capacities create a friendly and stylish atmosphere.

Jason Leonard Lounge:

Jason Leonard is so important in the Rugby world, that he has a whole lounge dedicated to him! Here we wanted to create something that was very much in the spirit of the man himself, so a relaxed, comfortable, “sports bar” feel was what we went for. There is definitely something very New York about this design and we later learned that this is one of his favourite city’s! We used a similar palette of colours for this lounge, but added in more texture with painted brick in the serving area, a herringbone patterned reclaimed wood bar front, lots of stainless steel and large areas of banquette seating. Of course, there is a bespoke display cabinet for displaying Jason Leonard memorabilia and the walls will be adorned with his shirts and photographs of him in action. The result is a welcoming and very sociable place to watch the match from and catch up with friends, colleagues and other Jason Leonard fans!

Trustees Lounge:

Probably one of the most important lounges, the Trustee Lounge is for those people who support the club through their volunteered time.

We approached the design from a comfort point of view, so large leather sofas, generous armchairs and a fully stocked bar were our starting place. This lounge should be a place to come and sit with the paper or rugby stats, your tipple of choice within easy reach. A bespoke stainless steel bar with a back lit display area for glassware and bottles and there are plenty of bar stools to perch at. And when the game begins, there is ample space to view the pitch from the inside, because when the lounge is this inviting, why would you want to leave?!

Players Family Lounge:

Apparently, this has been a neglected group of people in the past, well no more! Now the player families are getting a truly dedicated space to cater to their needs. Baby changing facilities, TV and DVD, toy boxes and kid sized furniture all help to make this a space that is comfortable and fun to be in. The players partners are catered for with a comfortable and contemporary sofa and arm chair and a window bar with stools to sit and watch the action on the pitch.


Surrey County Cricket Club, Kia Oval

This January I was asked by the Surrey County Cricket Club if I would design a concept for the extension of the Historic Pavilion reception area.

My role was to provide a concept for the reception area, which included flooring, wall coverings, lighting and reception desk. The task was to incorporate the red brick from the existing building into the scheme along with using the old windows as display cabinets.

Once my scheme was accepted, I handed the specification to the very competent contractors to get on with the installation. The results were really great, as you can see from my quick snaps on my iPhone!

I was honoured to be invited to the opening and to be a part of cricket and London History. You can just catch me on the top row, far right – I swear, it’s me!