Happy (and delightfully designed!) Christmas

How can you update your home quickly, and cheaply, in time for Christmas season?My Great Aunt Jilly & Uncle David have always changed their living room soft furnishing in November and I have always thought this is a good idea and relatively cheap way of getting a new look for the Christmas period.  My Great Auntie simply changes her sofa slip covers and curtains to a dark, rich colour to create a warm and cosy space and trust me, with a glass (or two!) of something festive, fire roaring and soft cushions, it proves a very cosy place to be when it’s cold and frosty outside!

So, have slip covers made for your sofas, armchairs and dining chairs.  Try a darker, sumptuous colour in a soft textured fabric.  Or depending on the style of your home, maybe a lovely throw casually draped over your sofa would be appropriate.  How about simply changing the accent cushions to something more cosy and festive? Even if you decide to stick to a more neutral or lighter colour scheme, choose soft and tactile fabrics like chenille’s and velvets and add silks for a touch of glamour and a little shine.

Changing the area rugs and/or curtains to match whatever you choose to do with your sofas and chairs, will make sure the scheme is cohesive.  Another tip is to have a look at your bookcases, shelving, any surfaces with displays of photographs & accessories.  I’m cheating a little (this isn’t just a Christmas thing) I like to change my displays of books and photographs around every so often, usually once or twice a year.  You’d be amazed at what this can do to freshen up the look – and you don’t have to buy a thing!

Now, it wouldn’t be a Christmas makeover without a beautiful wreath and garland!  Get in touch with your inner Blue Peter and get the kids to help you make your Christmas house decorations.  Whether it’s with a more traditional look with fresh pine branches, cones and dried fruits or something more cool and contemporary with black feathers, sparkly beads and baubles, it’s great fun for the kids and everyone feels pretty proud to create something themselves.  However, if you’re short for time or inspiration, you can buy some pretty spectacular wreaths online, delivery straight to your door!  A lot of florists and garden centres will sell fresh and fake wreaths and garlands too, how about buying a plain wreath and decorating it yourself?

Whether you go with traditional Noel or contemporary Christmas, creating an updated festive look doesn’t have to cost you the earth....and when you’re all finished, treat yourself to a mulled wine and a mince pie, I would!