Margo Selby, Textile Designer

“It was a really interesting and informative event, presenting the designer's work in such detail and proximity and providing an opportunity to ask questions and talk to Margo.”

This month, we held an event at Margo Selby’s showroom and studio in Bloomsbury for the Student & Associate members of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID). It was an opportunity for us to learn about Margo’s work in more detail and understand her career path as a textile designer.

Her 3D effect, hand woven fabrics and use of vibrant colour are what characterise her work and it’s this unique look that has won her many interesting commissions. Margo seems to be most happy when working in collaboration, be them interior, fashion, or even ceramic designers. A truly talented and inspiring designer!

“It was great to see the very personable face behind a fantastic, vibrant business. Margo is an understated yet obviously tenacious young lady who is a real inspiration. As a designer, I found her talk very engaging and hope to incorporate some of her fabrics in to my future projects.”

There is always something new, interesting and fun in the showroom to look at (and even buy!) and she has just released her first pattern books for the Interior Design market, so get yourselves down there and immerse yourself in colour and texture!

Find out more at

Margo Selby Shop

Contemporary Cushions

Lamp shades with Orchid

Contemporary Sofa designed by Margo Selby

Margo Selby, Textile Designer, BIID event evening

Margo Selby, Textile Designer, BIID event evening

Margo Selby, Textile Designer, BIID event evening