Need more storage?

We all could do with more storage, so how do you get more out of what you already have?  Built in storage is by far the best space saving solution; that unused space under the stairs can be transformed into a handy coat, shoe and broom cupboard.  Have the joiner design the cupboards to “pull out” for easy access.  Smarten up your living room with built-in bookcases either side of the fireplace.  This will give the room a strong and attractive focal point, while giving you plenty of space for books and photographs. In bedrooms, custom made wardrobes that are the full height of the room, means that you can use the space above your normal reach for less used items like warmer blankets, luggage and hat boxes.  The same goes for kitchens.  Don’t just use the standard height wall cabinets of 600mm, use at least the 900mm.  That extra space right at the top can be used for your less used small appliances, platters and casserole dishes.

Hiring a joiner is not as expensive as you might think.  When deciding on how to choose, it’s always best to get a recommendation.  Check with friends and neighbours first to see if they have used anyone they like.  Make sure you check references and ask to see some recent previous work, also ask if you are able to see any of their work in the flesh.  That way you can check to see how it is holding up under use and see the finished quality up close.