New Year, New Style

It’s the New Year, time for a fresh start!  Time to sort out those interior design issues that have been dogging you all last year.  Pokie kitchen?  Cluttered hallway?  Stuck in a rut bathroom?Where do you begin?  Maybe you feel that something “Isn’t quite right” but don’t know what it is.

Time for a little exercise: I want you to pretend that you are thinking of buying this house, this is the very first time you have ever seen it...and I want you to be brutally honest!  This is your chance for the ultimate wish list to create your ideal home.  If you think you’ll have trouble being objective, enlist a friend or family member to accompany you.  Take a pad of paper and pen with you, head out the front door and when you’re ready, re-enter with a fresh pair of eyes and ask yourself some of the following questions:

Take note of how you feel when you approach the front door, does it feel welcoming?  On entering, is there a place to put your keys and check your makeup and hair before heading out?  Is there a neat way of storing shoes and coats? As you move through the house, from room to room, does the space flow well and are the rooms big enough for their uses? Is there any furniture that is simply too big or too small? Is there an interesting focal point in the living room?   Like a fireplace or artwork – not the gigantic flat screen television that hubby bought himself for Christmas! Is there enough storage?  Could you make better use of your alcoves and space underneath the stairs? Does the kitchen function well – is there a neat triangle from oven to fridge to sink?  Is it clean looking? What about the bathrooms or ensuite – have the services been arranged logically?  What do you see immediately in front of you when opening the door – toilet? or lovely vanity? Is there space for any extra rooms? Maybe the loft is convertible or the back garden is big enough to nick a bit of space for an extension?

Ask yourself, “Would I buy this house?  What would I change to make it the space we need?”  If you aren’t able to see it objectively – remember to ask a friend.  And promise them you won’t be angry if they tell you they hate the wallpaper in the downstairs cloakroom!

Now go on, get cracking on that wish list!